Emergency Management and School Security. Learn How Landscape can Help!

Safety & Security 

Safety has always been paramount in all organizations, be it a school or campus safety, local residence, business, first responder, government, or military.  All that we do every day should be to improve how each person is safer no matter where they are or what they are doing.   

It could be as simple as a camera showing a walkway or as sophisticated as facial recognition software pre-alerting to a possible intruder or perpetrator preparing in a parking lot for a deadly act. 

  • Preemptive Safety Measures based on Rules/Algorithms  
  • Automated Direct Communication with First Responders, Mobile Cell and Radio  
  • Mass Notification (School Officials, Parents, Local, County, State and National).  
  • Event and Alarm Notification 
  • Gunshot Detection and Localization 
  • Automatic Lockdown Capable  
  • Early Warning Detection 
  • Fire Safety 
  • Border / Perimeter Notification & Safety  
  • Hazardous Chemical and Bio-logical Notification  

The Landscape Solution is an emerging solution for public and private safety and security organizations. For all organizations, Landscape is a unique product family that caters to the needs of all first responders in the public and private safety field. It provides advanced solutions for the various and demanding requirements of the emergency response Center, emergency services, police, border agents, emergency medical services, and emergency social services as well as. Of the alarm centers, monitoring centers and alike. The landscape Solution family is a unified platform, which is comprised of different functional but extremely well interacting modules.  

The user discovers this as an easy-to-use, seamless system – also across organizational borders. Landscape solution supports the open interfaces that are used by security. This enables easy integration to existing infrastructure and systems. By using the Landscape Solution into use, the development of authority operations is shifted to a cost-effective direction as resources are handled in a coordinated manner.  

Safety & Security Issues 

Fire Safety Notification & Procedures 

One of the challenges facing schools is that of a fire. Whether it’s a fire from an equipment malfunction or a fire intentionally set. Landscape can step in and start all notification procedures to a full school evacuation. It doesn’t replace your fire panels, instead it works in conjunction with them and in many cases, it can start proceedings prior to the Fire Departments arrival.  

Intruder AlertsActive ShooterLockdown Procedures, Video Surveillance 

Unfortunately, in today’s society we have more than the occasional mis-behaved intruder. Instead we deal with unwanted intruders and active shooters more and more.  Landscape will utilize all available information to head this off. Through your video surveillance system to lockdown procedures it can all be controlled from one system and begin a process of heading off the threats immediately. Depending on how much information you want to gather it can read and react to facial recognition software as well.  

Voice Video & Text (WebRTC), Campus & Dorm Safety, Advanced Notification, Police Notification, Teacher Communication (Radio, landline, Cellular) 

Today with a system such as Landscape, you can say yes to everything required above with one significant Difference. This system runs 24x7x365 it doesn’t take off for holidays, or sick days. It is constantly monitoring everything from camera’s to lighting, monitor’s and reader boards giving information as needed. This can all be going on at the same time while notifying the proper authorities with any all relevant information to an event.  

Medical IssuesFood allergiesSports relatedSeizures Missing Student/ Staff / Patient, Evacuation/Location Procedures 

One of the biggest fears facing people today, is not knowing where their loved ones are and their safety. With Landscape in place all that can be handled in an immediate fashion and what is going on with that patient, or persons. Including the proper medical and first responder personnel.  

Quick and flexible, Reader boards, Large screen monitors (Hallway head ends), Internal paging. 

Information can be disseminated quickly and efficiently to any device including these above. 

Environmental ‘sHVAC, Air Filtration 

Something that most people don’t think about on a regular basis, but is as important as the items above is with regard to environments. Whether it is with regard to filtration safety or a pump motor that is overheating and could fail or cause a fire. Landscape once again can be watching and reporting on everything from a maintenance schedule to an emergency do to electrical fire. Also, as important it can control the systems keeping cost down with efficiency.