Landscape Modules/Features

MAPS AND BLUEPRINTS Site’s and building’s dynamic management based on Open Source GIS; Each site could have external space,
buildings and layers.
CONNECTORS Direct customization of system’s preferences, georeferencing and information sharing for each implants, sensor
and OS using direct communication interface or passing through an intermediation system (APPLIANCE or PLS) in
case of missing interface.
EVENTS AND ALARMS Real time alarm archive’s management with Early Warning functionalities
NOTIFICATIONS Notification’s layer and channel customization (Email, SMS, call).
TROUBLE TICKETING Trouble ticket integration, applicable to every single technological components registered on the platform; it’s
possible integrate the PROCEDURE module.
PROCEDURES Operative procedures and maintenance support in order to facilitate operator’s decisions.
USERS Stand-alone or centralized users’ management using CRUD functionalities on single profile in order to track each activity into a log
file, completely compatible with GDPR.
REPORTS Statisticreal time visualizationand exportationin alphanumericor visual data, the filtering and research engine is full customizable.
EMERGENCY Emergency manager outdoor, it manages in real time recording operator’s feedback, actor’s actions on territory in order to give
additionalinformationto operators.
PAGE BUILDER It makes operators able to build by their own customizable graphic page to administrate each single component in their
It makes specificoperators able to aggregate data and informationaboutalarms that comes from heterogeneoussystems.
FUNCTIONAL RULES It makes accredit users able to create, modify and manage any functional rule, depending of course by the alarm itself, the event
or their combination.
SCHEDULE SYSTEM This module allowsto program specificrules based on calendar, particularevents and alarms or specificcommands.
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE It activate the supervision and preventive maintenance process for any device registered on the platform. The preventive
maintenance is useful to prevent fatal malfunction that couldcreate problem to the infrastructure.
ASSET This module enables to monitoring any resource belonging to the IT organization’s infrastructure from the planning phase to the
disposal phase. This module offers many ways to detect which resource is operative and which is not. This system allows users to
manage inventories, device’s life cycle, their maintenance,software conformityand so on.
ENERGY CONSUMPTION This module permit, for each site, to control and record the implant’s energy consumption. All data could be consulted and
exported dependingby customer’s choice.
THERMOREGOLATION This module enables specific users, depending by existing legislation, to administer the thermic temperature into operational areas
and its continue adaptationto the external and internalthermic variation,in order to minimize power consumption.
This module enables the system to record functional parameters from each single sensor in NRT (Near Real Time) and to export
data from them dependingby specificcustomer’s needs.
VIRTUAL IMPLANTS Virtual implants could be realized using “functional grouping”, the creation of a single unit comprehensive of heterogenous
subcomponents belonging to the same facilityor in different sites.