School Security

Helping create safe, effective learning environments

Today’s students are the future of our society. From pre-k through college, providing a well-rounded education is a hallmark of what makes our nation great. But school budgets are limited. That’s why we’re helping smart administrators give their faculty and staff the latest tech at affordable rates — and the tools to help manage it all.

In today’s climate, student safety is also a major concern. It’s important that schools are equipped with the latest in safety technologies that can help enable both student learning and school safety.

Supporting schools and students nationwide

We’re working hand in hand with schools of all sizes by providing technology and focused solutions that can help you provide safe and effective places for students to learn.

If your school is in need of a safety initiative, Landscape is the budget minded complete solution you need. Landscape can help your school with the following safety concerns.

  1. Preemptive Safety Measures based on Rules/Algorithms
  2. Automated Direct Communication with First Responders, Mobile Cell and Radio
  3. Mass Notification (School Officials, Parents, Local, County, State and National).
  4. Event and Alarm Notification
  5. Gunshot Detection and Localization
  6. Automatic Lockdown Capable
  7. Early Warning Detection
  8. Fire Safety
  9. Border / Perimeter Notification & Safety
  10. Hazardous Chemical and Bio-logical Notification

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