Smart Agriculture

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Smart Campus

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Smart Manufacturing

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Smart City

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About US

The Eco-System Team

The Eco-System team has been working for the last 12 years in the Low Voltage Construction and Managed Services industry. Eco-System is a technology firm passionate about helping businesses to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainability.  With our team of developers we have spent the last several years working on exactly that. Eco-System being our new flagship Solution. As you can see below we have not missed a beat with what it can do, currently in multiple Health Care Facilities, Campus Environments, Major Airports, Amusement Parks and Manufacturing facilities.  We are working everyday to increase its reach and scope. Let us stop by and show you how it can work for your organization.  

Our trusted advisors will show you how to leverage unique financial solutions and patented energy-efficient technology that provide clients immediate savings. 

The ultimate goal is to help your organization become an Eco-Enterprise 

Efficient, Economic, and Environmentally Responsible 

Eco-System is a comprehensive enterprise level management platform that provides timely, accurate intelligence that is vital to mission-critical business decisions.  With Eco-System, businesses realize vast improvements in energy savings, operational overhead and facility management.

The Eco-System team has global reach. With Headquarters in the US and customers worldwide our team of technicians and support personnel are available 24/7/365 to assist in the maintenance and support of your Eco-System deployment and facility maintenance needs. Want to know more? Have questions? Want to schedule an in-person or video appointment? Contact us today to schedule time with one of our sales engineers.

Active Shooter & Eco-System

Active Shooter Strengthen your organization’s defenses and protect lives

Preparation and training are crucial, but in an active shooter situation, the most important factors are a quick response.

  1. By automating the emergency response process, you remove human error and deliver immediate and precise information in 3.6 second, to first responders at all levels.
  • Automatically link all key security personnel into a conference call with police. View real-time operational intelligence through the response platform and situational awareness.
  • Integrate with any security system vendor (access control, VMS, mass notification etc.); facilitate an immediate response with pre-programmed security features anytime, anywhere.

When precious minutes can make a significant difference to attack, Gunshot Detection enables first responders to arrive on scene faster, equipped with the necessary information to contain the threats and mitigate casualties.

The system upon detection of a gunshot, will notify you of a threat via alerts issued by call, SMS and push messaging. At this point first responders can instantly engage with the response platform, which will begin to present situational intelligence in seconds, including:

  • Precise gunshot locations and timing
  • Movement of shooter
  • Total number of shots fired

How Eco-System Integrates

By integrating Eco-System, you can build a powerful and reliable response and recovery system. Eco-System can integrate with a wide variety of security products, including:

Access Control

Video management systems

Physical security information management (PSIM) software

Mass notification Systems as well as its own

The Local Police and NG911 Center including local portal vehicles   

Eco-System has been developed to be manufacturer agnostic, allowing you the flexibility to integrate with almost any security system currently installed.

Eco-System uses the same integration methodology as fire alarms and other life safety systems, due to its universal nature. Each system has multiple I/O ports, that can be programmed to trigger in the event of an activation. These can be used to connect to:

  • Closed contact relay
  • TCP/IP relay input modules/sensors

These provide the easiest and most robust route to universal integration into security systems.