Eco-System Fire Monitoring

Eco-System can monitor any fire alarm control panel (FACP) which is able to generate a digital output with status changes. With the help of the small IoT device (serial server) connected to panel, all outputs are recorded, analyzed and classified by the system within fractions of second. Based on that information Eco-System reacts and takes the appropriate steps to keep you informed and build a complete set of data so that you can make the best business decisions and focus on only important issues.

Eco-System Advantages


A cloud-based solution means extra security and more processing power for your business when it is most needed

Mass Notification

Immediate SMS and Email notification when a critical event is detected


Secure, modern, fast and function rich application to manage your assets wherever you are


A powerful cluster database ensures data consistency and fast processing

0.005 sec

End-to-end total signal processing time thanks to custom, state of the art processing engine


All device signals are processed by 2 or more listeners which leads to super high 99.999% availability


In addition to the standard English interface, the system can speak your language too!


We implement the latest technologies so that you can always rely on us


Our services are there where you need! No more processing of your data at the other end of the world