Property Management & How Eco-System can Solve Major Issues

Facility managers have their hands full every day ensuring the processes in the structures under their care run efficiently. The systems that make up the building environment often require varying levels of periodic intervention to run optimally. This alone raises several challenges ranging from simple daily interventions to complex solutions that involve multiple parties.

The key to handling these issues lies in identifying the potential problems early to have time to review the most efficient and effective ways to resolve them. Eco-System is the solution to your current issues.

1) Controlling Costs

Controlling costs remains one of the most critical challenges in building maintenance. As a result, facility managers typically find themselves having to maintain quality service delivery despite budget constraints. They’re under pressure to do more with less. Using I.O.T Eco-System can help you save on maintenance and energy costs. By gathering data from all of your connected and non-connected systems Eco-System can help you save on maintenance cost by allowing you to be preemptive in the maintenance of your equipment and extending the life cycle of each unit. Eco-System can also use this same information to reduce energy costs by using T.O.U (time of use) data optimizing when your equipment runs.

Although this might appear daunting, it can be done. Costs can be contained with some planning and the implementation of the Landscape Automation Platform. 

  • Energy costs: According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), up to 30 percent of energy in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. Facility managers can improve this by recommending more environmentally friendly energy sources like solar panels, planting trees, using Eco-System an automated building technology, choosing energy-efficient lighting and allowing for more natural light.
  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs alone can account for a significant part of a facility’s annual budget. Implementing a planned maintenance strategy rather than reactive ca deliver major cost savings in the long term because the cost of deferred maintenance can be rather high. Through the use of the Eco-System we can achieve savings never before seen using existing data previously not gathered and analyze it to implement and maintain preventive maintenance schedules and automation of your current systems.

2) Record Keeping and Data Analysis

Facility managers often get swamped with records. These records range from those generated from day-to-day operations to meeting minutes, stock and assets inventory, repairs and servicing, etc.

Keeping records organized starts from capturing accurate and reliable data, then storing them to form the basis for making informed and strategic decisions. landscape can put all of this information into an easy to use control panel, giving you the ability to run reports for specific information. The power of historical data should not be underestimated, the power to make informed decisions is one of the greatest ways for you to save costs related to energy, maintenance and personnel. However, it’s expected that with more advancement in smart technologies, the I.O.T will play a bigger role in capturing and analysis of  data. Eco-System will be able to pick up and report that data back to you. Eco-System has the ability to create trouble tickets, send email and sms alerts or display visual alerts.

3) Emergency Response and Safety

In the event of an emergency, the responsibility for communication and evacuation rests with the facility management team. Considering that such emergencies can range from natural disasters to fire, security breach, terrorist attacks or critical systems failure (e.g. prolonged elevator entrapment), emergency response and safety require proactive and thorough planning. Eco-System can be configured to alert, monitor and protect against any such safety concerns.