Smart Transportation

The United States has invested hundreds of billions of dollars building and maintaining roads to accommodate auto and truck travel. Yet no matter how much more money we spend, congestion and delays seem to get worse and political obstacles often put alternative strategies out of reach. Can the advanced technologies that are transforming American life solve our intractable traffic problems? A new universe of smarter vehicles and highways may be able to do what miles and miles of concrete and asphalt can’t.

Intelligent Transportation Systems, or ITS, refers to the integrated application of modern technologies and management strategies in our surface transportation systems. Although in some ways ITS is nothing more than the natural evolution of venerable transportation technologies such as traffic signals and information displays, the widespread application of this new technology has already begun to transform the transportation network. Eco-System is leading the way with intelligent management of transportation networks. From highways to railways Eco-System can help make managing infrastructure manageable.  Contact us today for an assessment of your transportation systems.