The Challenges Facing Manufacturing & How Eco-System can Solve Them

1.Keeping Equipment functioning

Predictive maintenance, Eco-System using the power of I.O.T can read maintenance and error codes from your manufacturing equipment and put it into an easy to read control panel. Additionally we can setup alerts so that we are preemptive in the maintenance of your equipment.

Extending equipment life cycle, Landscape using big data can gather historical data from your equipment and allow you to determine if your equipment is functioning optimally and if not make suggest to improve operational performance and in some cases even automate the process.

2.Compliance reporting and Quality Control

Quality control through the use of historical data. Eco-System will allow for the automation and refinement of the manufacturing process to improve quality control and the reduction waste.

Unbalanced station workloads, unlike robots human employees operate at different levels. Eco-System will allow you to optimize your manufacturing process on a per station basis. With the adjustment of the robotics or in how the human employee interacts in the manufacturing process.With big data Eco-System can optimize the manufacturing process to reduce waste and maintain higher levels of quality control.

3.Why Industrial Manufacturing Struggles with Energy & Data Management 

Electric, gas, propane, energy costs come in many flavors and at varying rates. Eco-System is able to gather energy usage data along with T.O.U (time of use) data and allow you to optimize your manufacturing to save on existing energy costs.

Unrealistic production quotas, with the advent of I.O.T machines are more intelligent than every. Eco-System takes advantage of this intelligence by gathering information from these machines. Though this data Eco-System is able to help you make decisions based on facts and not guesses, improving your bottom line by saving you money on costly overruns, quality control and energy costs.

Real-time access to Information, all this data is accessible in real-time allowing you to make decisions on current information and even allowing Eco-System to automate many of these processes in real-time.

Data integration, additionally you have many systems in your facility that are needed to run a successful manufacturing facility. Eco-System is able to gather information from all your systems simultaneously enabling you to make decisions based on all the data.